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  • Self-paced, flexible access to bite-size, targeted materials covering span of “what capital can I get?” to “what deal do I sign?”

  • Access to experiences of hundreds of impact entrepreneurs and impact investors, molded into entrepreneur-friendly tools, short videos, and resource guides.

  • More cohesive and compelling impact investment story targeted to most aligned investors.

  • Unique impact finance resources, including regional and global impact investor databases, investor type profiles, investment vehicles comparison charts, due diligence template, and more.

  • Take it straight from some of our users:

    • Chris Jurgens, Director, Impact Investing, Omidyar Network: The impact investing industry needs tools and approaches that make it more efficient and less frustrating to connect entrepreneurs with the right investors at the right time, based on aligned expectations on risk, returns, and impact. Smart Impact Capital is a product that can help entrepreneurs, intermediaries, and investors navigate the impact investing landscape more effectively.
    • Megan Mukuria, Founder & CEO, Zana Africa: Better tools to take to our leadership team to upgrade our language and approach, strategy, and communication to investors in our deck and business model. Revolutionary!
    • SOCAP16 Scholarship Recipient: I feel better able to articulate our impact and financial outcomes narrative – I feel more comfortable speaking out in an international forum and engaging with international partners or investors because I can provide a more coherent story than before. 
    • Sam Gwer, Executive Director, Afya Research Africa: I usually am a bit jittery about getting involved in online or remote kinds of training because of the lack of interpersonal communication. This was amazing. I could do it at my own pace.
    • Suzanne Biegel, Investment Director, SPRING Accelerator: As Investment Director for SPRING this content is content I and our team would have needed to teach and coach individually for all of our ventures. Now we have a tool that lets the entrepreneurs who are most ready for it have access when they need it, how they need it, and in the time and location that is right for them, at a very high quality, and we can focus on the places where they need our 1:1 support the most. I’m so impressed with this work and it has been my pleasure to feed into it, as well. BRAVA to the CASE team.


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