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For Accelerators & Funders

Give your network a fundraising boost

The scalable technical assistance that helps your entrepreneurs get aligned impact capital.

The curriculum to get your staff up to speed and ready to support entrepreneurs more effectively.

The actionable tools to level the playing field for your entrepreneurs.

Impact investing is getting big. No mentor or coach personally knows the entire impact capital market.  We engaged with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors who have raised and invested millions of dollars to figure out how impact enterprises can get to a good deal, faster.  Now you can give your network the benefit of this expert, crowd-sourced, technical assistance on investment fundraising.  Think business school rigor meets the ease of a guidebook.

A Capital-Raising Toolkit. CASE Smart Impact Capital is a video-based online toolkit containing 100+ resources for supporting impact entrepreneurs raising capital.  Used by accelerators, networks, investors, governments, and universities, our curriculum covers three essential steps of the capital-raising process: strategizing, targetting, and closing.

Both Easy and Sophisticated. There is no other product on the market for entrepreneur support or investing guidance that is as comprehensive or as easy to use. Over 80 cohorts with entrepreneurs based in over 100 countries are already using it, with over 94% user satisfaction. Why shouldn’t your group get the same access to expert resources?

Benefits of Becoming a Group Account Owner

Purchasing a group membership account provides your for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurs, staff, mentors, or coaches with online access to the full toolkit, whenever and wherever they need it – from Nashville, to Nairobi, to New Delhi. Once you become a group owner, enter or upload emails on our site to send unique individual log-ins to your group members, and as the group account owner, you will have control over your memberships — you can assign them and reassign them within your account as you wish. Add more individual licenses and/or renew them online whenever you want!

Free Download 

Our free Partner Guide includes suggestions for how you can use Smart Impact Capital to support your staff, mentors, and entrepreneurs. For more information on what entrepreneurs like about the tools, see our entrepreneur page.

See Terms and Conditions of use here.

If you already have a membership to the program, go to our toolkit page to get started.

Our partners have used this program with over 95 entrepreneur cohorts in over 130 countries since 2017. 

Some real-life uses:

Reach a dispersed network of entrepreneurs

A fellowship program provided Smart Impact Capital to their full class of fellows as a benefit of selection into the program and a commonality among their global cohort of entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs can access any portion of the toolkit anytime they need.  The fellowship program also commissioned a member of the CASE team to provide a short introductory training during the fellowship’s single in-person meeting.  In this model, Smart Impact Capital is the scalable technical assistance to meet the individual needs of a large, dispersed network of entrepreneurs.


Provide standard training and tools for your coaches

A global accelerator used Smart Impact Capital to provide standardized tools and training to their disbursed group of local mentors and entrepreneurs.  Mentors used the tools and resources to give entrepreneurs customized support.  When the accelerator’s investment director met in-person with entrepreneurs, they came to the meeting better prepared and informed, using the investment director’s precious time more effectively.  In this model, Smart Impact Capital is the training applied consistently across geographies and cohorts to level-set and use valuable in-person time more effectively.


Design a more rigorous curriculum for your accelerator

A venture fund integrated Smart Impact Capital’s modules into their new accelerator program from the outset.  They had all entrepreneurs in their Social Enterprise Facilitator program complete the Business Growth Diagnostic tool from Smart Impact Capital.  Staff used the individualized outputs of the diagnostic to work with entrepreneurs on 6-month workplans to become more investment-ready.  Additional webinar training from CASE structured around the modules will support the cohort on deep dives on specific topics.  In this model, Smart Impact Capital is the plug-and-play curriculum for providing rigorous, actionable investment readiness support.


If you already have a membership to the program, go to our toolkit page to get started.