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CASE Smart Impact Capital leads you through the three fundamental steps all entrepreneurs must follow to raise the right capital:

Strategize to assess your investment readiness and define your investment ask;

Target the kind of capital and investors suited to your unique venture; and

Close by cultivating investor relationships and agreeing on deal terms that matter.

We cover these steps through 9 short modules of easy to use, professional tools and instructions.

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  • Strategize: Develop Your Investment Strategy

    What are the opportunities and constraints in the impact capital market, and what do they mean for you? Learn how to clearly articulate your investment strategy to impact investors - on both the business growth and impact dimensions - and develop a cash model to calculate the funding you will require.

    • Module 1

      Impact Capital 101

      Discover what makes impact capital different, how it exchanges hands in the market, and how it may help your enterprise.

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    • Module 2

      Articulating Strategy to Investors

      Assess your venture’s business growth and impact evidence trajectories, learn a few related hacks, and develop an investment roadmap in a language investors will understand.

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    • Module 3

      Calculating Your Funding Gap

      Understand the key elements of a financial model, develop your own customized model, and calculate your funding gap.

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  • Target: Identify the Vehicles and Investors for You

    What are the motivations and constraints of different capital providers? How do different types of capital impact your business? Gain insight into these questions and model investment scenarios in your cash model to target the smartest capital for your venture.

    • Module 4

      Types of Capital

      Understand the implications of different types of capital, and weigh key characteristics to determine the types best aligned with your venture.

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    • Module 5

      Investor Triage

      Identify target investors using our shortcuts and linked databases, and prioritize leads by applying your own knockout and fit criteria using our Investor Alignment Tool.

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    • Module 6

      Scenario Planning

      Learn key steps to evaluate the impact of an investment offer on your finances, so you are positioned to negotiate for terms that will set your business up for success.

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  • Close: Interact With Investors

    How can you target and cultivate the most promising investor relationships? Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage the investment process to close the deal that best meets your needs.

    • Module 7

      Investor Outreach

      Decide what your compelling investment story is, and how to weave it into all your investor outreach materials. When you do this right, investor outreach is more efficient and effective.

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    • Module 8

      Investor Cultivation

      You have the dual challenge of communicating about business growth and impact in a pitch to investors. Avoid the common pitfalls and learn how to interpret investor response.

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    • Module 9

      Due Diligence and Beyond

      Find guideposts to proactively manage due diligence and negotiation of deal terms in an efficient and effective way, to achieve a mutually beneficial deal for you and your investor.

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