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The online toolkit to help you make impact investment fundraising easier  

Built from the expertise of hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs who have invested and raised millions of dollars, CASE Smart Impact Capital is designed for all impact ventures – any stage, any sector, any geography.  Whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit, our toolkit contains practical steps to help you strategize, target and close the best deal for you. Use your capital-raising time wisely and get back to running your social venture.

Learn key concepts through short videos.  Analyze options with our decision tools.  Use our step-by-step guides to find investors, pitch your story, and more.  Access investor databases, due diligence checklists, and termsheets from around the world.  We’ve created unique resources and collected the best from others – organized all in one place for you and your team to access anytime, from anywhere.

The online toolkit includes tools, guides, and resources, such as:

  • A robust but easy-to-use financial model template and step-by-step guide, so you know exactly how much capital you need to raise, by when
  • Short primers on 13 types of capital – so you can speak with confidence to investors about variable repayment debt, a recoverable grant, convertible notes, crowdfunded equity, and more
  • A decision tool to narrow in on the type of capital that truly fits your needs
  • A guide with links to search regional and global investor and funding databases
  • Tips, cheat sheets, and pitch templates to tell the right investment story to potential funders
  • A tool to triage your investor leads by quantifying your fit with different investors, so you can prioritize who to spend your precious time courting
  • Examples of due diligence checklists and actual term sheets from real impact investors – so you know now what to prepare to answer
  • And much MORE!

From start to finish, you can skim the toolkit in a weekend.  But with over 100 resources, you’ll want to come back to dig into the exact topic you need just when you need it.  Think business school rigor in a guidebook format – online so you can access it whenever and wherever you need it.


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Free download

Click the button to download our Investor Alignment Tooljust one of the 100+  resources available in the full toolkit.  Use this tool to confirm the knockout and fit criteria you’ll use to evaluate potential funders, then see how investors stack up against these criteria.  In the end, you’ll spend your precious time pursuing only the investors who truly align with your venture – and avoid wasted time, money, and effort on funders who don’t fit your needs.

A sneak peek of what’s inside

What’s it like to use this tool? Watch one of our videos and find out:

If you already have a membership to the program, go to our toolkit page to get started.

With over 94% user satisfaction from thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe, you can trust our tools can make your fundraising journey easier, more efficient, and more effective.