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“As Investment Director for SPRING this content is content I and our team would have needed to teach and coach individually for all of our ventures. Now we have a tool that lets the entrepreneurs who are most ready for it have access when they need it, how they need it, and in the time and location that is right for them, at a very high quality, and we can focus on the places where they need our 1:1 support the most.”  Suzanne Biegel, Investment Director, SPRING

“If I had had this tool, it would have saved at least six months and many headaches in getting our social enterprise off the ground. And I have an MBA! We eventually learned what we needed the hard way, through trial and error. You’ve done a great service to entrepreneurs by creating this tool. Thanks for that.”  Alice Ray, CEO, Ripple Effects

“The impact investing industry needs tools and approaches that make it more efficient and less frustrating to connect entrepreneurs with the right investors at the right time, based on aligned expectations on risk, returns, and impact.  Smart Impact Capital is a product that can help entrepreneurs, intermediaries, and investors navigate the impact investing landscape more effectively.”   Chris Jurgens, Director of Impact Investing, Omidyar Network