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Module 5

Investor Triage

Identify target investors using our shortcuts and linked databases, and prioritize leads by applying your own knockout and fit criteria using our Investor Alignment Tool.

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In this Module

Are you wasting precious fundraising time going after dead-end investor leads?  Struggling to find aligned investors?  We give you a process to identify a broad list of investors, and filter them down to a set of top targets worth your time to pursue.

Step 1: Identify promising investor types

Step 2. Understand and document your investor filter criteria

Step 3. Conduct targeted investor research

Step 4. Assess your top target results

Make the process work for you. Already know the types of investors you’re targeting? You can skip Step 1 and move on to Step 2. Each step is built to be valuable on its own or as part of the full process.

  • 5.1 Approx 1.5-4 hours (depends on your needs) to complete This content is Locked Sign in is required

    4 Steps to Top Investor Targets