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Benefits For Intermediaries and Accelerators

By providing Smart Impact Capital to the ventures in your network, you can efficiently deliver more value to them, resulting in accelerated learning, more tactical and focused convenings with your experts and coaches, smarter investment matches, and stronger returns. We can also provide wrap-around services related to the content, such as webinars or in-person workshops. Reach out via the email address below to start the conversation about using Smart Impact Capital with your entrepreneurs.

Smart Impact Capital: Supercharging Accelerators & Intermediaries

Benefits For Busy Entrepreneurs

The capital raising process is difficult, and many entrepreneurs put in significant time but end up with capital that is detrimental to their business. The wrong capital for your business is a distraction, doesn’t fit your needs, and can keep you and your impact enterprise from reaching your goals. CASE’s Smart Impact Capital is designed to address these very challenges, and offers busy entrepreneurs a suite of targeted, flexible, and rigorous tools to build a robust strategy to attain capital that is SMART for your impact venture. Smart Impact Capital is currently available through intermediary organizations like accelerators, fellowship programs, networks, and hubs. If you are interested in using Smart Impact Capital, share this with the professional organizations you are a part of and encourage them to reach out via the email address below.

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CASE plans to bring on additional partners to use Smart Impact Capital in mid-2017, and also plans to offer licenses to individual users by late-2017. Please share your contact information to stay up-to-date.