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What’s Inside

What’s Inside Smart Impact Capital?

This toolkit includes bite-size, actionable resources to help answer your burning questions as you walk (or run) through your capital-raising journey.  Register now to get started, or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars on Wednesday, August 22 to see a live demo of the toolkit and participate in Q&A.

Smart Impact Capital has videos, tools, and guides to answer these questions and more.  Sign up below for a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Investor Alignment Tool and get a sneak peek at the type of resources available in the full toolkit.

Want to see more?

The videos below give you a peek at how we break down complex information in easy to understand ways.  We do this in our short videos, tools, and guides.

Impact Capital 101: Supply and Demand
What can a butterfly tell us about the impact capital market? The butterfly shape and form illustrates how the supply and demand sides of the impact capital market interact. Capital never changes hands between parties until there is agreement on risk, return, and impact; the butterfly breaks down the process for you. Module 1 equips you with an understanding of the terms of engagement as you embark upon your capital-raising journey.
Articulating Strategy to Investors: Two Key Dimensions
What do investors expect from impact entrepreneurs? Impact entrepreneurs must clearly articulate where their ventures are on two dimensions: business growth and impact evidence. This effort requires mastery of two different sets of tools, vocabulary, and techniques. Module 2 walks you through this process with a series of diagnostics leading to an investment roadmap.
Calculating Your Funding Gap: Funding Gap Overview
What is important about your funding gap? Investors want to know how much capital you need to raise to get to break-even and, importantly, the underlying assumptions. Module 3 helps you build the financial model that is a crucial framework for investment decisions. Learn the key concepts you should keep in mind before diving into your own model.

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